Services Contracting

Services Contracting

Already have a creative team? Just missing an editor? A translator? Sound engineer? Writer, photographer, designer or other creative personnel? Or does your communications department just need a little help for a special project? Nensi can help.

For 25 years, Nensi has been traveling the world working on communications projects and has amassed an international team of over 150 professionals who can work in 20+ languages across 90+ countries. With his years of experience and understanding of how communications products are created, produced, distributed, used and viewed, Nensi can help you select just the right professional creative, at the right budget level, to help you complete your project no matter how large or small. Whether you need a quick editing job or an entire team, there is no need to spend hours sorting and sifting through the thousands of service providers available or succumb to questionable hires from oDesk or Elance; contact Nensi and be confident that he can take care of your communications contracting needs quickly, efficiently and effectively.

Benefits to you:

  • Professional assistance you can trust
  • Time, money and energy saved
  • Free needs assessment
  • Experienced quality control