Sales & Marketing

Sales And Marketing

Nensi has decades of experience selling and marketing products, from fast-moving consumer goods to arts and cultural products. He has also worked for NGOs, arts organisations, governments, ministries and others who are selling ideas and concepts rather than units. Nensi is experienced in creating all types of marketing vehicles, from traditional print-based to broadcast to new technologies, as well as multiformat and multiplatform campaigns. He is able to assist with everything from small projects that need finishing to larger ideas that need conceptualising.

Every organisation needs a sales and marketing plan. In order to design a proper plan, it is critical to identify to whom you are selling what message, how you are selling it and, most importantly, WHY. Nensi can help your organisation acquire an effective sales and marketing plan:

1) Determine what needs to be communicated and to whom.

  • People want to know what the organisation does.
  • Connect with prosumers instead of just consumers.

2) Use capacity assessment to evaluate the full range of marketing and communications vehicles currently used by the organisation.

3) Use a capacity building plan to capitalise on the resources that are available in the organisation.

4) Based on the above analyses, modify current marketing strategies for maximum effectiveness. Design the plan to take into account all the component parts of the organisation and the fact that each has a communications goal and agenda.

Benefits to you:

  • More buy-in on what the organisation is doing
  • More understanding from customers
  • More goodwill from customers
  • More organisational unity