Nensi sees ontology as more than the technical patches that allow old computer systems to talk to each other; ontology is the framework that allows the individuals and groups within an organisation to communicate among themselves and with the IT department, making functionality possible. Full integration of hardware, software, systems of organisation, suppliers and both the creators and recipients of messages is what the organisation needs, and Nensi is ready to assist.

Every organisation can use an ontology strategist to coordinate capacity assessment and capacity building. This will build technological and personnel-based synergies, harmonies and integrations to ensure the organisation’s various messages are delivered to the appropriate internal and external stakeholders.

In order to achieve these synergies, the organisation should do the following:

1) Use capacity assessment and a capacity building plan to build and fix communications from within, utilising existing resources.

2) Use existing systems of communication and add emerging technologies of the new network economy rather than building new and costly custom solutions from scratch.

3) Utilise current staff, systems, personnel, etc., as much as possible.

4) Bring IT and communications staff together to work in a meaningful way. Encourage IT to use their knowledge base to help solve technical communications issues. Help communications staff keep IT from getting clogged up with redundant systems work.

Benefits to you:

  • Save money from every budget.
  • Save time for every person.
  • Achieve greater collective achievement.
  • Reduce stress on overtaxed systems.