Capacity Building

Capacity Building

Nensi provides capacity building globally in many areas of marketing and communications and specialises in media management training. He also provides capacity building in print and web design, photography, event design and planning, as well as in marketing and communications plan generation. Capacity building ensures that your current staff is used as efficiently as possible, so external costs are avoided. A partial to full capacity building plan includes the following steps: 

1) Create well-defined, detailed job descriptions and easy-to-understand-and-use communications systems that remove ambiguity and clarify work processes.

2) Identify holes and weak points in hardware, software and personnel capacity, and address them.

3) Design internal communications and marketing vehicles that are culturally sensitive, and prioritise clear and efficient communication.

4) Build an online, comprehensive communications course specific to the organisation’s needs, in multiple languages if necessary, to make sure all existing communications and information management staff are at the same base level. This course will

  • be practical rather than theoretical, easy to use and understand and of high quality;
  • be able to grow and change over time, taking on new ideas and adding local tweaks where logical and useful; and
  • feature solid help files.

Benefits to you:

  • Weed out bad communications habits.
  • Increase quality, reach and effectiveness.
  • Make adaptation faster and easier.
  • Save time and money.