Capacity Assessment

Capacity Assessment

Nensi provides partial to full capacity assessment of any organisation’s present communications and marketing systems—hardware, software, organisational systems and personnel—across the whole spectrum of levels, branches, committees, assemblies, etc. To do this, Nensi would take the following steps:

1) Determine what the organisation possesses in terms of communications and marketing systems resources and how those resources are currently being used.

2) Cross-reference this information with other systems used in the past (e.g., solid marketing, communications and information-sharing systems in place—“lessons learned” that the organisation can utilise).

3) Pull all this information into ONE online, easily accessible database of

  • communications capacity;
  • availability of that capacity to others in the organisation; and
  • systems to access this capacity across the organisation.

4) Determine how to provide more support for communications and information technology personnel through the process of capacity building.

Benefits to you:

  • Save time and money almost instantly.
  • Better understand what you have.
  • Significantly boost morale.
  • Better understand what you need.