The Ed Greenwood Group, Inc.


Client: Ed Greenwood (Toronto, Canada)

Ed Greenwood: president and publisher at The Ed Greenwood Group and creator of the Forgotten Realms® and a myriad of other worlds, universes, and shared settings is the New York Times best-selling author of literally thousands of works that have sold over a quarter billion units (250,000,000) in a dazzling array of formats in over 40 languages in more than 120 countries.

2016: As managing director of The Office of Ed Greenwood, Nensi oversaw the multi-year initialization of The Ed Greenwood Group, Inc. a transmedia publisher operating globally with across diverse creative mediums and formats and in multiple languages.

  • Research & Planning: Nensi consulted with over 100 subject matter experts over the course of several years. These discussions informed TEGG’s ten-year publishing programme and lead to the formation of a Business Advisory Group to assist in adjusting the firm’s plans en route.
  • Licencees & Partners: Nensi oversaw the acquisition and coordination of TEGG’s partners who, through a variety of commissions and deal structures, provide TEGG with production, distribution, sales, marketing, promotion, capacity building and technical support.
  • Transmedia Publishing Programme: Nensi coordinated the initialization of TEGG’s 10-year publishing plan. The transmedia plan will cover 27 unique story-settings and include a wide variety of creative works: novels, short stories, comic books, role playing game adventures, audio dramas as well as audio narrations, graphic novels, table-top games, music, culinary delights, costumes, artifacts, artwork and a myriad of objets d’arts in English, Português brasileiro, Spanish, Italian, French, Japanese, Bengali with more languages to come.

Nensi’s lead role in bringing key personnel together, cementing partnerships with licensees and advanced administrative planning allowed for a fuller and more complete structuring of the organizational backbone of The Ed Greenwood Group prior to its launch. By the end of 2016 TEGG’s Sessoirum of Creatives will exceed 1,000 authors, artists, musician, photographers, actors and other artisans based in over a dozen countries.