Tajikistan NDS Translation

The Tajikistani countryside. Image © Oliver Strong

Client: United Nations Country Team in Tajikistan (Dushanbe, Tajikistan)

In 2005, Nensi directed the translation of the Tajik Government’s National Development Strategy, an integral part of Tajikistan’s endeavour to achieve the UN Millennium Development Goals (MDG) by 2015. The 100-page report was to be translated from Russian to English, so that non-Russian-speaking experts could access the document and give their input. The situation did not allow for a predictable start date for the project; the submitted document was 40% longer than expected and the deadline for a translated, proofed and typeset deliverable had to remain at seven days. Accomplishing this task required

  • preparing the necessary materials so that the document could be translated, edited, proofed and typeset as quickly as possible;
  • coordinating a team of 12 experienced translators, editors and designers based in three countries; and
  • ensuring efficient communication and work flow in order to deliver a clear, attractive English-language version of the report.

Despite the uncertain start time and the project’s unexpected size, Nensi’s organisation and preparation allowed him and his team to deliver a high-quality product within six days, a full day in advance of the deadline and under budget.