Publishing & Agenting

Depicted titles: Agented "Celine Dion" (蓆琳狄翁, Celine Dion biography for Chinese rights). Published "West of January" by Dave Duncan, "Oscar Wilde" CBC audio productions, "The Bakka Anthology" (Cory Doctorow, Robert J. Sawyer, Spider Robinson, Ed Greenwood, et al.) and "Sunburst" by Phyllis Gotlieb. Images © Dundurn Press, StoneFox Press and Bakka Books

Clients: Various international publishers, and authors.

Since 1992, Nensi has been a pioneer in the Canadian publishing industry. Nensi’s many accomplishments include

  • travelling across China and selling new titles to Chinese publishers and government ministries (the first Canadian to do so in years), as well as lecturing about Western media and intellectual property rights;
  • reuniting former employees of Toronto’s Bakka Books who had gone on to become professional writers to publish The Bakka Anthology; and
  • founding an imprint (Bakka Books), which continues to issue science-fiction titles to the current day.

Some author-clients include: Celine Dion, Dave Duncan, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (productions of Oscar Wilde’s plays), Cory Doctorow, Robert J. Sawyer, Spider Robinson, Ed Greenwood and Phyllis Gotlieb.

Over the years, Nensi has connected a vibrant community of writers and publishers. His gift for finding the right people to make things happen has helped him expand the reach and success of Canadian publishing and many Canadian authors.