Posnayko Online

Some of the promotional materials produced for the Posnayko campaign.

Client: Posnayko (Kiev, Ukraine)

In 2002, Nensi designed a multifaceted advertising campaign with a budget of CAD$250,000 for the North American launch of Posnayko, an English-learning website based in Ukraine. This involved

  • travelling to Ukraine for organisational meetings (which required learning basic Russian);
  • producing online promotions, ads on public transit and in major periodicals, as well as the distribution of thousands of Posnayko-branded magazines, stickers and postcards;
  • coordinating readings in Toronto libraries, a presence at trade shows, a direct-mail campaign and delivery of the Posnayko message to children’s media; and
  • participating in the Word On The Street festival (including having an elaborate mascot costume made and hiring storytellers to act as Posnayko).

Nensi’s promotion of the event reached Posnayko’s target audience, making it possible for the firm to gauge the market and plan further actions in other countries.