EBR Holdings

Integrated communications specialists and content-generating creatives.
Client: Consultants, firms, experts and suppliers (world-wide)

In 2014 Nensi concluded almost two years of strategic, marketing, sales and contract negotiations with more than four dozen people and entities across multiple countries, languages and cultures. Balancing each party’s needs, wants, desires, talents, skills and personalities—Nensi oversaw the creation of a cohesive and integrated network of communications strategists, marketers and managers aligned with a group of writers, designers, web and other content generators. The new company works in a variety of markets and genres across the communications spectrum—words, visuals, audio and video—distributed in print, broadcast and on the web.

  • Simplified Systems: across the network there has been a significant drop in
    non-billable administrative hours per client.
  • Coordinated Sales Force: the new network is big enough to warrant its
    own physical sales force.
  • Self-Marketing: sharing talents and ideas across the network has allowed many to improve their own marketing and outbound communications.
  • Private Labeling: network participants who keep their own name and branding have no barriers to adding additional services from the network to their own portfolio of offerings.

Nensi’s role as key architect led to the creation of a new type of firm that integrates communications specialists and content-generating creatives allowing better work to be produced faster, more easily, with less stress and budget saving across the whole network.