“Salman was hired to do a detailed review of the UN Nepal website and provide recommendations as to how it could be improved both from a design perspective as well as a service provision perspective. He did a very detailed and thorough analysis and provided a wealth of options. He went beyond his terms of reference. . . . Highly recommended."~Martin Hart-Hansen (special assistant to the resident coordinator for Nepal, United Nations Nepal Resident Coordinator’s office)
“Sal is that rarest of things: a publisher brimming with creativity and passion, who understands real-world marketing and satisfying the consumer.”~Ed Greenwood (creator, Forgotten Realms, campaign setting for Dungeons & Dragons)
“Sal Nensi was a resourceful and highly creative communications specialist who contributed significantly to the launch and ultimate success of many books published by Simon & Schuster, as well as Alive Publishing. I highly recommend Sal to anyone interested in doing publicity directly or managing a team of individuals who deliver media results.”~Nolan Machan (manager, special sales, Simon & Schuster)
“I have known Salman for nearly 30 years. His expertise in the publication business (electronic and hard copy), strategic communications, marketing and business are unparalleled. There is no project too big or too small that cannot benefit from his input. His network of service providers is huge and capable."~Colin Empke (lawyer, Blaney McMurtry LLP)
“From one believer in the magic to another.”~Terry Brooks (author, The Sword of Shannara, Del Rey)
“Salman Nensi is brilliant at coordinating complex projects with tight timelines. We work with various colleagues all over the globe, in different time zones, yet he manages to stay on top of everything. He's a very smart guy who's also got a great deal of marketing savvy and experience.”~Marie-Lynn Hammond (editorial director, Beyond Reports)
“It is rare to find someone who possesses both Sal’s skills and positive attitude. Sal has a fantastic, almost anarchic, approach to marketing. He is very, very creative and committed. His enthusiasm for and dedication to the project at hand is always reassuring, and his ability to maintain a sense of humour while dealing with unexpected changes in plans and deadlines is greatly appreciated. Sal has had a substantial impact on the marketing processes in the division.”~Kevin Chapman (managing director, Hachette New Zealand Ltd)
“I make promises to my clients that I know Salman and his team will keep.”~Michael Leigh (global content manager, DLA Piper, UK)
“When Sal Nensi was the president of the Book Promoters Association of Canada, he worked ceaselessly to raise the profile of publicists throughout an industry that often takes them for granted. He also inspired BPAC members to raise their level of professionalism through his own daunting example. As communications director, I was privileged to work closely with Sal and marveled at his dedication, intelligence, originality and guts. He served as BPAC president while juggling his own business and other creative projects, and his energy never faltered. They say that ‘people like to work with the people they like to work with.’ I would welcome an opportunity to work with Sal in a heartbeat—and envy anyone who gets to benefit from his talent and tenacity.”~Kathy Shaidle (communications director, Book Promoters Association of Canada)
“Salman’s speed sometimes takes your breath away. His globalized team and style of work boost your creativity.”~Thekla Kelbert (coordinator, United Nations Tajikistan Country Team)
“Sal brings a great deal of energy, a can-do attitude, creativity, passion and out-of-the-box thinking to projects. He's also fun to work with.”~Michael Kovrig (strategic communication specialist, United Nations Development Programme)
“Sal's communications skills really are incredible. Whether dealing with editors and printers, or running authors through the media circus, you can rely on him to know who's doing what, where the problems are, and how to fix them.”~William Hopper (author, The Heathen's Guide to World Religions, ERIS Publishing)
“Sal is one of those rare project managers who actually has the skill to unite a culturally and geographically diverse team to focus on a single outcome, even when costs and deadlines are constrained. His international experience is largely from working on-site in remote locations, giving him a unique understanding of global issues and the various requirements they produce.”~Jon Southurst (writer, Beyond Reports)
“Salman is one the most incredibly articulate, well-read, well-rounded and capable marketing professionals I have met in the last few years. His ability to manage, see and respect the most minute of details while consistently observing and pursuing strategic imperatives gives Salman the ability to be a superior leader and excellent mentor. His perennial good nature, strong sense of humour and ability to relate to virtually anyone makes having him a part of the team a true pleasure.”~Bourke Marrison (associate director, strategic marketing, Bell Canada)
"Actions speak louder than words. My previous agents could not find a publisher for my work. Sal sold the movie rights and found a publisher. . . . A great man to have in your corner."~Patrick Taylor (author, Pray for Us Sinners, Insomniac Press)
“Congratulations on promoting the impossible. Many thanks.”~John Crispo (professor of management, University of Toronto; author of Making Canada Work, Random House)
"I'm not sure which was more astonishing, the breadth and creativity of your plan, or the fact that you pulled it off to perfection."~Gordon Platt (head of writing & publishing, Department of Canadian Heritage)
“I have had the great pleasure of working with Salman many times over the last 10 years. He is an exceptional project manager, able to put to task multiple projects across companies, countries and continents. He is always timely and efficient, and I have utilized his abilities for a large variety of tasks and projects. Salman is always the first person to mind when looking into new ventures.”~Jason Clark (system analyst, Rogers Communications)
“Many of your recommendations will be part of the transition process.”~Martin Hart-Hansen (special assistant to the resident coordinator for Nepal, United Nations Nepal Resident Coordinator’s office)
“Salman has always been a consummate business professional…. If you're looking for an effective communicator with smarts, high EQ and a good heart to boot, Salman Nensi is your man.”~Vera N. Held (president, VNH Communications)
“Probably the most organized and efficient publicity operation I have ever seen . . . stacks up against, and in many cases exceeds, the quality I see in other publishing houses.”~Robert Mackwood (president, Mackwood Publishing Consultants)
“Sal’s level of initiative is spectacular, often bordering on the astounding. Sal is always inventive and creative, freeing us from having to micromanage his assignments.”~Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens (authors of numerous New York Times best-selling novels)
“Salman Nensi is an astounding jack-of-all-trades. He deftly handled his event-management position, and both the clients and our group of staff are extremely impressed with Nensi’s work. I would not hesitate to use Nensi to manage another large-scale event.”~Gregor Hagey (curator, Sex and Death Short Film Fest)
"Thank you VERY much for sending me the information. You have provided me with some very helpful insights - I never would have thought of half of the suggestions you made. This will make the annual report process that much easier. I very much appreciate your help..."~Staci Ahonen (assistant to the UNDP China resident coordinator, United Nations Development Programme )
“Salman is a detail-oriented manager who maintains excellent client communication and meets deadlines. His work has always exceeded my needs and expectations.”~Jonathan Hagey (proprietor, Kingpin's Hideaway)
“Salman was one of the people I turned to for advice and ideas as I was setting up Fortunately for me, I listened carefully and did implement many of his ideas. Working with Salman on a number of projects in the foreign community in Seoul was both an enlightening and entertaining experience. He is much missed here.”~Anne Ladouceur (founder,
“We are a book publishing company and hired Salman's company to organize publicity around authors touring in support of their books. He was creative and hardworking, and helped us to succeed in our goals to raise the profile of our books and authors.”~Brian Lam (president, Arsenal Pulp Press)
“All has gone well, according to some well-laid plans. So the time has come to properly acknowledge your enthusiastic and able assistance. On behalf of James and the rest of us at The Urban Peasant, thank you, thank you, thank you.”~Romney Grant (producer, The Urban Peasant, television show)
“I would like to personally thank you for the outstanding job you did at the Canadian Booksellers Association's convention. I never had so many favourable comments on our booth, books and people.”~Mark Stanton (president, Raincoast Books)
“Sal, thank you for your company.”~John de Lancie (actor, Q, on Star Trek: The Next Generation)
“This letter is to commend the outstanding service provided to us by Sal Nensi. . . . There’s a commercial motto that says, ‘You’re in good hands with Allstate.’ Pamela and I feel Allstate could learn a few things from Sal!”~Terrance and Pamela Sweeney (authors, What God Hath Joined, Random House)
“I highly recommend Salman and thoroughly enjoyed working with him on publicizing my second CD release. He had inventive promotion concepts, and even went above and beyond to assist and oversee with booking the jazz festival circuit. You'd have to look far and wide to find this kind of care and commitment. I would work with him again, anytime.”~Vincent Wolfe (recording artist & CEO, GEM Productions/V-Jazz Records)
“Thanks for single-handedly quadrupling my Thornhill sales! Much appreciated.”~Garfield Reeves-Stevens (author, Children of the Shroud, Doubleday Canada)
“Salman Nensi worked with me when I was artistic director of the Vancouver International Writers & Readers Festival. I found him to be creative, innovative and he kept to the timeline. He was also most helpful with his insights into the publishing world, which gave me an edge on my colleagues.”~ Alma Lee (owner, Alma Lee & Associates)
“I unwittingly fell into Salman's orbit and will be forever grateful I did. This is a professional at the top of his game with a breadth of experience Jules Verne couldn't dream up.”~Thomas (唐睦) Dunlop (sales and marketing manager for Asia Pacific region, Beyond Reports)
“What would we have done without you? . . . It was perfect and we will always be grateful.”~Terrance and Pamela Sweeney (authors, What God Hath Joined, Random House)
“Organized, creative, independent and thorough.”~Susan Renouf (editorial director, Doubleday Book Club)
“What will we do without you? It has been a pleasure working with you.”~Sara Davis (publicity director, Globe Pequot Press)
“Sal is like a horror film! He absolutely terrifies you at first with his bold, creative approaches to problems. Then he chases you around until you see why you should do what he suggests. Next, he dispatches quickly but efficiently. And it all works out really well in the end!”~Craig Rintoul (executive producer, Bookbits)
“Sal is a very bright light.”~David Kent (president, Random House Canada)
“Thanks for all your hard work on our behalf. It’s been a real pleasure to work with you!”~Diane Teigiser (director, licensing and merchandising, Playmates Toys Inc.)
“Salman was a capable and effective marketing manager. With Salman's efforts, we were able to achieve a new level of prominence in the marketplace.”~Steve Bowden (vice president in charge of Zebra Affairs,
“Your super organization left very little for me to cover. Thanks again for the great tour. Let’s do it again.”~James McNair (cookbook author, James McNair Cooks Italian, Chronicle Books)
“Thank you tremendously for all the work you’ve done on our books, particularly Fire Under the Snow, without which I imagine the publication in Canada of this important book would have been very different.”~Katharina Bielenberg (export manager, Harvill)
“This book would never be without you, so you really do have my eternal gratitude!”~Sandra Kasturi (editor, The Stars as Seen from This Particular Angle of Night, Red Deer Press)
“You are a true professional and a BPPA superstar.”~Book Publishers’ Professional Association
“Sal was instrumental in getting my first article in print. From organising interview subjects and a venue, to layout and publication, all went without a hitch.”~David Hart (freelance author)
“His attention to detail, accuracy and speed make him a very reliable and diligent worker.”~Stephan Bucher (president, Doubleday Book Club)
“Thank you for making my book a success.”~Dr. Earl Mindell (author, Food as Medicine, Fireside)
“It was a fabulous night. Thank you.”~Matt Hughes (president, CLGA, referring to a benefit Sal chaired)
“We have all been really impressed with the excellence of your product and your service.”~Felicity Stone (associate editor, Western Living magazine)
“To Sal, who tried a lot harder than some to sell this. Thanks, mate.”~Nick Bantock (author, the Griffin & Sabine trilogy, Chronicle Books)
“Bolshoe spasibo for his friend.”~Martin Cruz Smith (author, Gorky Park, Random House)
"You inspire me."~Simon Sinek (author, Start With Why)
“For Sal, who made it happen!”~Terence M. Green (author, foreword to Sunburst by Phyllis Gotlieb, Bakka Books)
“A giant thank you.”~Ann Ireland (president, PEN Canada, referring to a benefit Sal coordinated)
“Many, many thanks for everything.”~Will Self (author, Great Apes, Grove/Atlantic)
“Many thanks for a delightful media day in Toronto. You’re an excellent host.”~Jennifer Darling (editor, New Cook Book, Better Homes and Gardens)
<< Его способности координировать различные аспекты рекламной компании произвели на нас неизгладимое впечатление.>> "His abilities to coordinate the varying aspects of an advertising campaign have created an indelible impression."~Maya Stepanova (director, Posnayko)
“Thanks for the guided tour of Toronto.”~Peter Arnett (CNN correspondent and author, Live from the Battlefield, Simon & Schuster)
"Thanks for all the time you're putting into this! Appreciated."~Ali D. Kanji, PT/DPT (director of clinical operations, Baltimore Orthopedics & Rehabilitation)
“I am grateful to Sal for recognizing my potential as a writer. He also has the uncanny ability to get more work out of me in less time than anyone I've worked for before. In a contract position, you really appreciate someone who forces you to do work that you're later proud of. I'd heartily recommend him for these talents.”~Leo Salloum (team leader, Gemma Communications)
“Sal is extremely well organized, with good ideas for increasing sales productivity. He is an asset to this company.”~Connie Penn (manager, Classic Bookshops)
“You have been wonderful and a pleasure to work with.”~Eric Price (export manager, Grove/Atlantic Inc.)
“Sal's directions are always perfectly clear, and his projects are impeccably managed.”~ Steve Bowden (vice president in charge of Zebra Affairs,
“Salman Nensi was a well-organized employer who gave clear directions with clear expectations.”~Steve Bowden (vice president in charge of Zebra Affairs,
“Much love to you, Sal!”~Josephine Cox (author, Cradle of Thorns, Headline Books)
“این همه تصویر نه، بل هنـــــراند.” "These are not photographs, they are art!"~Waheed Khan (director, Hewadwal Group)
“Pairing A Strange Manuscript with Gotlieb’s Sunburst is a very smart move for this new publishing venture. These are “classics” but they are also terrific entertainments.”~ Edmonton Journal
“A stellar debut for the Bakka imprint.”~Quill & Quire
“A swashbuckling adventure, a love story and a sly, anti-utopian social satire.”~Globe and Mail
“You’re supposed to be having a day off! Aren’t you missing the point somewhat?”~Kevin Chapman (vice president, sales and marketing, General Publishing)